3 things to know about everything in lifetime

3 Unique ways to live life

The 30-Days-Rule

If you want to but anything and you can’t control yourself from buying that thing , wait for 30-days . Ask yourself after 30 days , ‘ Does that thing has same importance in my life as 30 days before?’ , chances are it would not be so, and that would be your way of preventing a random purchase.

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If you get any task that you can complete in 2-minutes or less, complete it there and then, don’t postpone it, because till you keep adding things to your to-do list your mind will get stuck there.

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The Fundamental Relation Rule

In any relationship if you have to be a person who you do not want to be, then don’t change yourself , change that relationship

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3 Mistakes to not make in relationship

Don’t try to please people

I used to do this a lot in my childhood. It mattered to me, what people thought about me. I wanted everybody to think good of me.

I used to do things so that people love me and say good things about me. But the more I give people control of happiness, the more unhappy I will be.

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Don’t Judge People

You don’t know the story of their life. When I was young I used to think that people who smoke, drink, party, are not nice people. I was wrong , what you do is not your personality, what you are inside, what you think, the worldview that you have, that establish your personality, your nature.

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If anybody comes to you with their problem , it’s not necessary that you have to solve it

And most of the males do it, boys, because most likely you are young. We think that we’ve to solve the problem, but often, the person who has come to us with their problem, they just wanted to be heard.

Somebody should hear them without any judgement, any interruption, and not try to solve the problem. And if you can be that person, then that is the best gift you can give them in that moment.

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3 Things if you have you have to work upon them

You get angry very quickly.

You think that by getting angry, people will be managed. By getting angry, you will express yourself at that time. But whenever you lose your patience and gets angry. You are just holding a piece if coal in your hand, and preparing to throw-it at another person, while that coal is burning your own hand.

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If anyone badmouths you for 10-20-30 seconds, then your whole day is wasted

What will people say? What do people think about you? Who was that person? Why did they think so of me? With this , you are ready to sap your entire day, for those just 10-20-30 seconds.

And if that’s the case about you , then there is still a lot of work to do upon yourself.

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You still think about, what people think about you

You want people to see you in a certain way, give you certain respect, and certain love, and you do everything to get that, What i used to do in my childhood, and until you keep doing that, you are giving your happiness, you whole life in someone else’s hand.

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3 Things to not apologize for

The cloths you wear

The cloths you wear are your personality, that’s you. If you keep apologizing to people , and keep thinking about whether it’s looking good or not, whether they will like it or not you would never be able to actually know yourself.

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Giving yourself priority

You shouldn’t ever apologize when you end a toxic relationship with anyone. You thought of yourself first. You did right!

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Being yourself

If you have done something and it’s not right , you can apologize for that, if you think you have upset somebody, you have not done right to somebody, you can apologize for that.

But don’t ever apologize for who you are. Don’t ever say ‘ I am sorry for who I am.’ Because that means you do not respect yourself, and if you do not respect yourself , nobody will respect you.

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