Mistakes parents should avoid doing it.

1. A Child is trying to walk , they fall and parents pick them up , hug them , and starts Bashing Up the floor . They Curse the floor to pacify the child.

But in reality they are telling the child that if any incident happens to your life , then maybe it’s not your fault , it is somebody else’s fault and you can blame someone else and feel good about your self.

2. One child is upset and doesn’t want to come to you and you say “That’s okay , i will hug the other child”.

You are telling a child at the age that till the time you don’t listen to me , you are not worthy of my love.

3. Parents want to teach children something that they themselves do .

This is how children understand that it is normal to lie , you preach something but do not practice it , and that is lying in a way.

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