Mistakes to not Make in your 20s

1. Ignoring your body.

It’s a huge mistake . In your 20s ,

  • Eat too much junk food.
  • Sleep late at night.
  • Wake up late.
  • Don’t Exercise.

You won’t even realize anything your body will still work fine.

In your 30s-40s-50s, you will begin to see the results of all these things , and by that time it would be too late. So take care of your body in your 20s. Take care of your mental balance also.


2. Youngsters Don’t Think about money.

Another mistake that people often make in their 20s. They don’t think about money. They are like , ‘ I am in my 20s, my money is to spend , and enjoy life.’ Do it , do it as much as you want! But that doesn’t mean you will not think about your future.

That doesn’t mean that you don’t think about the importance of money .

What is the significance in my life? And how can i use my money for myself? Not that you become a slave of your money!

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3. They only spend their time with same age group.

A Huge mistake that people make in their 20s. They Spend time with people who are like them , because they enjoy spending time with them . Similar topics, similar worldview , no conflict , no argument. But till you spend time with people who are like you , you will not learn anything new.

You should also spend time with people who are not like you , and who think very differently from you , because your thoughts may be distinct and your worldview maybe distinct . So when you spend time with people , you will become a better version of yourself.

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