Most Important Habits to build in your 20s

20 Habits to build in your 20s.

Habits are something that can take you far in life because if you set goals and targets, then it is not necessary that you hit them, and if you don’t hit them, then you abuse and curse yourself, and if you do hit them, then you feel like king. But there is no basis for us to set those goals and target in the first place. I believed that most of the goals and target that we set for ourselves in life, they are our desires, they are not actually goals and target. Instead if you focus on habits, if you form habits then you can go far and beyond.

For example if you promise yourself that you have to read 12 books this year, that is goal and target. Now it’s possible that by the 3rd book you will feel, ‘ Why did I keep this target for 12 books!? What was I thinking? Who reads 1 book in a month? Blah, Blah, Blah!. And there goes your goal and target. But if you form a habit of reading for 15 minutes every day! That’s it. Read for 15 minutes everyday, whether in morning or evening or spread it over a day, I assure you, you will read more than 12 books in a year. Because 15 minutes are more than enough for you to finish one book in a month. That habit takes you far-far ahead of the target for 12 books that you had set.

So I want to share 20 habits with you which if you take up in your 20s and get habitual to them, then you will set your life up for the best life ever.

Habit 1 : Call people by their name

Whenever you write an email or a message or reply to a message, please don’t write, “Hey bro! What’s up! Hi”. You have to write the name of that person. When you do that you create an emotional bond. People realize that you know their name, and they feel familiar with the most precious thing that we all have, our name.

why you should use people name while talking

Habit 2 : Write emails to your self

If you come across something that you want to do, let’s say an idea for new video struck me, but I know it is not the right time to make that video, so I will draft an email for myself. Write everything down, and I will set or schedule that email for that time when I can make that video. It could be after 3 or 6 months later. What you do by this is that you set yourself to milestone. This is not a goal or target, it’s a reflection.

It says that do not increase your to-do list by doing this thing or remembering this thing right now, I will do it when it is the right time. But when you get into the habit of sending yourself emails in the future, you are basically planning your future in a small way but in a meaningful way.

Email Yourself

Habit 3 : Do not try and remember everything

Everything on paper, everything on the calendar, everything on the notes app, everything should be documented, we waste so much of our brain in just trying to remember things. The function of the mind is not to remember things. The function of the mind is to do things, so you have to spend your mind and your energy in getting things done, not in remembering things. You will document everything using a pen or paper, so you don’t have to remember anything.

How to improve your memory

Habit 4 : Wake Up and Smile at the mirror

Everyday, you wake up, stand in front of the mirror and smile at yourself, . Because if you will not love yourself then no one else will love you. If you will not kind with yourself, no one will kind to you. You have to become your biggest supporter, and this small habit can take you so far ahead, when you are always kind. You stand in front of mirror, no matter how bad the time may be, even if you feel bad about yourself, you will smile and acknowledge yourself that you exist.

Wake up and smile at mirror

Habit 5 : Meet someone new every week

Every week meet someone you have never met before. And it could be a virtual interaction, it could be a physical or in person interaction, that doesn’t matter. It could be very meaningful interaction where you are trying to know them or you want to learn something from them, or it could be just a nice happy just getting to know their conversation. That doesn’t matter , the key is that you are meeting new people every week. not to form meaningful relationships, but just to understand perspective.

I ‘ve been doing this since past 3-4 years, every week somehow I manage to meet a person whom I’ve never met before. It could be through twitter, It could be through an email, it could be for an interview, It could be for any purpose whatsoever. And I love those interactions because I know that through all this, I get to understand a lot of things, and I also realize that without any planning it will create so many opportunities, because who knows. Which person will be useful for you in your life.

Meeting new people every week

Habit 6 : Read 30 minutes everyday

I know it’s tough, I know you have tried it a lot of times, but I am sharing this with you with a little twist. You have to read for 30 minutes only, not towards any goal or target. You don’t have to finish a book within a week or month or a year, all you have to do is just read every day for 30 minutes.

The second thing is to read books that you want to read, not the books that you think that you should read. You don’t have to read those books which you can tell the world that you are reading. You should read the books that you genuinely want to read. And if you don’t like the book, when you read it, it doesn’t interest you much, then leave that book. In fact don’t pressure yourself at all to complete every book, instead read a book for 30 minutes and if you like that book, then read it again next day, and the next day, till the time that book is not completed or you stop loving it.

Develop the habit of reading

Habit 7 : Say Thank-You even if they are not listening

Having gratitude or being grateful is a very important skill in life. We often start taking people for granted when people do something for us, we often tell ourselves, ‘This was normal anybody could do it, Anyone in their place could do it.’ But that is not how you want to live life. You will have to form a habit, as soon as possible in life, that ‘ I will have to acknowledge every person who does something for me.’ and it has to be felt. In the western culture, people often keep saying thank you, they say that thankyou but the gratitude doesn’t come from the heart. You want to be grateful! you genuinely want to say thank you to people, and this is such a terrific habit because people will remember you for this.

10 ways to become more grateful

Habit 8 : Don’t leave inspiration to chance

You will have to form a habit where you are not dependent on luck to be inspired.

For example, you watch a video, mine or somebody else’s, you get goosebumps! you get inspired, you get motivated and you do something! How did that happen? Did it happen because YouTube’s algorithm presented that video to you? or did it happen because you actually went about looking for something to inspire you? The second is what you want to do. You will have to do something in your life to inspires you. Whether it is a video, writing, a song, a dance, a sport anything that leaves you, high on energy, high on inspiration, because it is your responsibility to inspire yourself. You cannot leave that to a algorithm, you cannot leave that to luck, you cannot leave that to chance make inspiration a choice.

Why should you not rely on motivation

Habit 9 : Invest Every Month

Invest every month with absolute dedication. The amount is not important. Your amount is not as important as the time for which you invest. That is why it is important that you invest every month. Don’t try to time the market, ‘Market is down so let’s buy! Market is up, so let’s sell! ‘ You will invest whatever the price is in the stock market or wherever you are investing, and you will do it with the discipline of same day every single month. When you do this, you will experience the power of compounding, especially if you form this habit in your 20s. Which is what I am requesting you to build, so by the time you’re in your 30s and 40s, you’ll be sitting on such a big corpus that you ‘ll be amazed. You may not work anymore in life, because your investment amount would be good enough to take care of the rest of your life. It went wrong but you got the drift. The remaining amount would be good enough to take care of the rest of your life. I am speaking hindi like a foreigner! You will have to pay double the tax!

Investing 100 dollar every month till 30 years

Habit 10 : Know and Learn Numbers before Emotions

Should we buy a house or not? Yes man indeed, look at our parents! They have gone through so much in life! They have lived all their life in a rented house, and seen other people building their houses, car, buying a small car would not be great! What would society say? Let’s buy a bigger car, it would be so good! Should we take this job or that job? The Brand of this job is awesome! If I go with the Brand, it will show my status, that I work in Google! Not in some random Woogle, or Warikoo Institute of Technology. All these are emotions. And ultimately emotions will influence our life. They play a very important role. But if you start with emotions, you will not set the habit of thinking in numbers, thinking analytically.

I made a video called, 5 life decisions that you can make using Excel, which was a good start. Its 5th model was a great way for you to take most life decisions. First of all , You will have to convert your emotions into numbers. And whatever that answer is, that is what you have to start with. After that , you can consider any emotion you want. How much ever your ultimate decision is influenced by emotion, that’s perfectly fine, you will have to start with when it comes to numbers.

Habit 12 : Do Something About the Problems that Doesn’t Let You Sleep at Night

In our 20s, we suppress our minds. We would thinking about the truth, we would be feeling the truth, but we will keep dismissing the truth. You are not happy in your college, you know you don’t want to pursue that college, that degree will not make a difference in your life, neither are you good at it nor do you want to do it in life, and yet you will not do something about it. You have taken that job but you are not happy at all, your boss is toxic, the culture is bad, the pay is not good, you’re not learning anything, you’re working 24/7, and yet you will not do something about it. Why? Everything that is giving you sleepless nights, do something about it. Act on the thoughts that keep you up at night. Because if you form this habit in life, that anything which is giving me sleepless nights, I will definitely do something about it, you will always be working towards improving your life, your current state

Solve Problem

Habit 13 : Breath deeply

While doing this keep your eyes closed, don’t listen to anything, even if you’re thinking of something, try to concentrate on your breath as much as you can, because this is something that will calm you down. In fact this is the mechanism, that you can deploy, whenever you feel a little stressed or anxious Do it everyday with their eyes closed at least for 2 minutes

Benefits of deep breathing

Habit 14 : Dress up Nicely Everyday

Dress up nicely everyday and put on a good perfume or deo. If you don’t feel good about yourself when you look at yourself at mirror, then nobody else will also feel good about you. It doesn’t matter if you are working from home, working remotely, it doesn’t matter that your classes are online, you should still dress up nicely with jeans and all, nobody is watching you except from random call on zoom for which you need to dress from the upper part only, but still, you will dress up as if you own the day. This builds self-respect, it builds self-confidence. This is such a small thing that will go such a long way in helping you for the rest of your life.

What we call a Proper dressed up man

Habit 15 : Compliment People

Compliment people, whenever people do something good, say something good, do something which touches your heart, please compliment them, please tell them that they are doing the great job, please tell them that they are so good, please tell them they are worthy, please tell them that they mean well to you, because that will make them feel good.

And I am a firm believer that when you transfer positive energies to somebody else, you get those, positive energies back. This is such a simple and sure way of you being loved by so many people for the rest of your life, and also feeling loved by yourself.

Positive Boosting Compliments

Habit 16 : Work-Out Everyday

Work-Out or exercise every day. It’s not necessary that you have to go to the gym. You can play something, you can run, you can swim, you can go for a walk, but something which is a physical activity, especially if you’re in your 20s. The biggest thing in your 20s is, if you’re messing around, with your body, you’re eating unhealthy food, you’re not exercising, then you won’t even come to know about it in that decade because the damage is very very permanent for much later.

So when you reach in your 30s or 40s then it will be visible to you that your joint pains, that your back pain, when your legs or your hands or your head or your chest, wherever the body has become unshapely, it is because of the damage that you made it go through in your 20s. Work out and keep your body intact. While there’s life there is hope!

Benefits of Physical Activity

Habit 17 : Use Pomodoro Technique for your work

Make a habit of using the pomodoro technique for work. What is that technique? It is a 30 minutes routine, where you work for 25 minutes and take a 5 minutes break, work for 25 minutes and take a break of 5 minute. This one slot of 30 minutes is called POMODORO. After 4-5 Pomodoros, you will take a longer 15-20 minutes break. Your attention is highest, your focus is great and that is the key element and ingredient for anything meaningful that we do at work.

How to use POMODORO Technique

Habit 18 : Follow only Positive People

In your 20s, you’re in a decade, where social media is becoming the biggest consumer of your content, and also the biggest generator of your ideas. All the stories in your mind, all your thoughts are coming mostly form social media. So don’t follow those people who creates fun at the expense of other people. Don’t follow those people who generate the feeling who generate the feeling of hate in you. Don’t follow those people who make you feel that, you’re not beautiful, that you’re not worthy, that you’re not attractive as you should have been. Don’t follow those people who make you cynical about this world. Follow positive people, because when you follow positive people, who make you feel great about yourself, who make you feel like you can do it, you get that energy, that vibe that makes you, believe in your own self. If you’re surrounded by positive people in the world, wouldn’t that be the best life ever?

Benefits of having positive people around

Habit 19 : Make a routine

Follow a routine in your day, those people who don’t have a routine, those people who wake up in the morning and their day starts in a random manner, they just keep doing whatever comes their way, and then they go back to bed, scroll on the phone for 2 hours and then ultimately sleep you will never get done with anything in your day. But if you’ve a routine doesn’t mean that, your life is boring, that you live like a robot, routine means that you know, what is right time to do, which work and for how much time, when you follow that you, you have a way of accomplishing things. And friends, this is a habit which is most precious in life. Everything else can also be learned late at life. You can start working out late. Like I start focusing on my body from the age of 33, you can start investing money late. I started investing after the age of 35 only. But this habit of maintaining a schedule, of taking charge of your time, of building a routine, this habit is impossible to form later in life, if you do not start from the very beginning. And in your 20s, it’s the best time to make it happen.

How to make routine and stick to it

Habit 20 : Asking yourself “What am I doing wrong that I know is wrong”

A habit where you sit with full focus and ask yourself ‘What I am doing wrong that I know I am doing wrong ? that I am doing wrong?’ Because when we ask this question, we realize the truth. The truth which is very bitter. The truth which presents a solution to us, which we may not want to hear, but it is important for us. We always know that something is not going right with us, we always know that, we are doing something wrong but we don’t want to accept it, we never want to admit it, and that becomes the reason why we struggle and fail in life. If you honestly ask yourself, what is it that I am doing wrong which I know that I am doing wrong, then whatever answer comes out will be the answer that, you have to hear, but may not you want to hear.

Self-Reflection Questions

These are the only habits for your 20s. Get started today. Which of these habits are you already involved in? How did it benefit your life?

Took reference from : Ankur Warikoo

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