Signs of toxic people

1. They make you feel bad about who you are.

They repeatedly try to make you feel that you lack something , there is something wrong in you , there is something in you they don’t like.

See , whoever you are , you don’t lack something if you ‘re being good with your side , there is nothing wrong in you. The non-toxic one will not make you feel bad about being yourself.

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2. Whenever they are sad or disappointed , they start blaming you.

They try to make you guilty for their unhappiness , they will blame you for everything bad that is happening with them. In reality , they are unhappy because of themselves . Nobody is the reason for each other’s happiness or unhappiness . We are completely responsible for our situation.

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3. They always blame you that you are not much present in their life.

It is because of you that they are in rut , if you were there then there would be no such problem in their life. As I mentioned earlier that everyone is responsible for their own situation that are in , its not someone’s fault if they are facing something that is not good.

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